Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Letter to Raymond Simard Following Illicit Oct 27/07 Police Attack/abduction of My Person

Mr. Raymond Simard, my name is Aaron James. You will remember we spoke on October 25/07 in the company of your assistant Shannon; Lesley Hughes, journalist for Canadian Dimension Magazine; and my mother Linda James.

We addressed issues pertinent to the Northwest Airliner profiling attack upon my mother and I that we sustained in the U.S. on January 18/06 followed by two years now of incessant illicit state judicial FBI and police persecution and the threat which I have now publicly exposed on line.

You deferred to Law Enforcement as being the ones that would ultimately need to handle our case, expressing that as MP you are simply the “go-between.” Eight law enforcement officers, Mr. Simard, were at my home the very next morning, Saturday October 27 at 10 am to attack me. Although I do not imply any direct relation between one and the other, the irony is profound. The timing of the October 27 attack was clearly strategic intervention on the part of culpable factions with interests in occluding truth. It came as immediate response to concerted efforts my mother and I have made in speaking publicly with government and publishing materials. To elaborate, October 20 marked both local MP Anita Neville's community meeting, which we attended, and Stephan Dion's Winnipeg convention, at which we were able to speak publicly with Mr. Dion directly and thereby raise awareness of our plight. Shortly following this was our interview with CKLN radio in Toronto on or about October 20/07, followed closely by an October 21 interview with KBOO radio in Portland, Oregon; itself followed by our October 26 meeting with MP Raymond Simard. The attack followed the next morning, October 27, involving Winnipeg Police complicit with many other interested and culpable U.S. parties, with an aim towards the occlusion of their crimes and the silencing of truth.

They proceeded to point guns at me in my own home, raid my home, abduct me and hold me without charges in the basement of their station, while threatening me with extradition to the U.S. They subjected me to yet another ordeal of interrogation lasting twelve hours, while falsely professing to family and associates that extradition had not been threatened.

Mr. Simard, during my illegal detention I overheard many counts of police impropriety involving foul language and physical threats upon other detainees.

Mr. Simard, we do appreciate the lengthy period of conference you afforded, and have been assured that your motivations are pure and genuine. However, I must say this: Mr. Simard, your suggestion that I ought to “stop worrying so much” about what happened and get back to doing what I had been doing (as a student at university) could not have been more ironic in its timing given my attack and abduction the very next morning; your deferral to law enforcement in the capacity of RCMP could not have been any more inappropriate given these same elements were responsible for illicit attacks upon my person only hours later, constituting further egregious and malicious violations upon my family.

I have had to witness episodes of heart palpitation within my mother and have myself been hospitalized on eight occasions with the same afflictions. Family friends and associates have all been terrorized through the many illicit and covert mechanisms and tactics within the design of the government bodies afflicting us. I have personally witnessed what thought was my mother's demise as she cried out “No! No! No!” in her sleep in Minneapolis in the adjoining from me and finally lept, hand over chest, from her bed, crashing back motionless and lifeless to my observation. This was prior to the second day of a manipulated sinister trial housing members and/or affiliates of FBI, CIA, NSA and military prosecuting attorneys and Northwest Airline employees (the very airline on which we were attacked) in the jury pool itself!

It is my hope that cases such as my own and Mr. Arar's will serve as caveat against elitist state tyranny and serve as a wakeup call for the resistance to such afflictions, in the spirit of invoking and restoring the freedoms of being and dignity to which we all have a god given right.